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The Heartfelt Medium de-mystifies psychic mediumship and will empower you to establish your own relationship with spirit, while learning your own unique spiritual language.  

Confidential Readings

A psychic reading will give you information about past, present and guidance on future events. You will receive evidence and clarity around situations in your life, and get helpful information and advice to manage your journey. 

Spiritual Healing

The focus of the energy can be directed to one specific area in the case of injury or illness. Directing the energy to a specific area can have an immediate affect that the client will acknowledge immediately after the session. 


Grief recovery is not a speedy process. This session is intended to educate you on what you can do for self-care, spiritual guidance and comfort, and provide tools to lighten the burden, while coping and healing from the loss. 

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In service, I strive to remain humble and honored, with the highest ethics, to serve everyone seeking spirit guidance and wisdom. Through my work, I share insights to help you start your own journey and become empowered to explore your relationship with spirit. I am committed to provide ethical spiritual readings, healing and spiritual teachings.

Making the Connection to Spirit.  

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“Rachelle has amazing energy! She gave me comfort and love. I look forward to healing with her.”

-Marta F., Michigan

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The course is to teach you the Mechanics of Mediumship, to understand how to work with Spirit and receive evidence and messages. Expanded content includes ethics and discernment. 

The Heartfelt Medium-
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