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Confidential Readings

A private reading session consists of connecting with loved ones and events that are happening currently, with guidance, reassurance, upliftment and healing.

spiritual healing

Rachelle will work with spirit to provide healing, calling in angels, guides and ascended masters to work and bring forth a clearing and energy healing.

grief counseling

The goal of these sessions are not to replace professional counseling, but add to the recovery process from a spiritual perspective.

in-home guest parties

While your guests visit and enjoy each other's company, I give a 20-30 minute private Psychic/Medium Reading to each person in a quiet room or setting, removed from the rest of the gathering. 

gift certificates

Gift certificates are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or retirements. Medium is good for a Spiritual Mediumship Reading. Find comfort with a spiritual mediumship reading, 100% private and confidential.

Wedding Officiating and Rehearsal Services

It is Reverend Rachelle's goal is to give you the wedding of your dreams! A ceremony that reflects your unique personality and style that you and your guests will delight in!


This is only for the Illumin8 bus trip to Lily Dale, NY. Please use the coupon code provided on the bus trip for your FREE READ. This is only for Lily Dale attendees for year 2023.

This is a reading taking place at Rachelle’s office, by Zoom or over the phone readings as well.

Readings usually bring evidence to validate the information is coming from Spirit, your loved ones. Spirit that comes through during the session and will bring the right information that is needed to guide you on your life journey, in combination of spirit connection and Spirit Communication. I will connect with your loved ones in spirit and provide evidence of their presence and give you messages from them as well. Please come prepared with your questions.

confidential readings

*By booking a reading, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Spiritual healing will naturally flow where the body needs it to positively affect the energetic systems that may be out of balance. Rachelle will provide additional education and information for the continuation of healing after the session and beyond.

spiritual Healing

Grief recovery not a speedy process. This session is intended to educate you on what you can do for self care, spiritual guidance for comfort, and provide tools to lighten the burden, while coping and healing from the loss. Grief support groups will be formed to provide loving support. Recommended: 5 sessions.

grief counseling

While your guests visit and enjoy each other's company, I give a 20-30 minute private Psychic/Medium Reading to each person in a quiet room or setting, removed from the rest of the gathering. Your guests can have one reading or more, depending on the package that you purchase. Approximately 2 hours in duration. (If you have less than 6 people, please contact me)

in-home guest parties


This is the same as a Traditional Psychic Party, however, some hosts choose not to have all of their guests arrive at the same time. In this case, the host will schedule the time of each guest’s reading and have them arrive at that time, have their reading and then stay or leave, according to their own schedule. This allows for many guests over the course of a day. For guests who only have an hour to spare out of their busy schedule. An Open House Psychic Party is usually booked for a 1/2 or whole day/evening.

in-home guest parties


Gift Certificates make great presents! People LOVE to have a reading for a gift, it is the perfect gift to experience a message from spirit. A Gift Certificate is something so special and memorable. You can now give readings in the form of a gift certificate. Order Your Gift Certificate for an Evidential Mediumship or Psychic Reading.

Gift certificates are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or retirements. Medium gift certificates are perfect last minute Holiday gifts. Gift certificate is good for a Spiritual Mediumship Reading. Find comfort with a spiritual mediumship reading, 100% private and confidential.

gift cards

“I am eternally grateful! I feel I am not going to adequately communicate in a testimonial what it meant to me but I will try! Rachelle recently did a reading for me where she raised very specific points that were right on target. No one would have known these things without my loved ones’ spirits communicating through / to her. “My husband – who was a complete non-believer before my reading – now wants to schedule his own reading with Rachelle! I think that says it all. Thank you again, Rachelle, for my reading! You are truly a gifted human being and one with an incredible heart!”

-KKT, Philadelphia, PA

"I am eternally grateful!"

more testimonials


How do I get a good medium reading and life path reading?


Focus on your energy and ask the universe to provide the wisdom and guidance, to provide the right information needed. Ask spirit to deliver the message needed to for your highest good for growth and your life path. Open your energy to be receptive to the message. To get the most out of your appointment, here are a few suggestions on how to prepare for your reading.A list of questions that you would like answers/validation to, confirmations about, etc; questions can cover a variety of “life” topics. I won’t ask to see this list, it’s just to keep you focused and on track.

What is the difference between the universe and spirit?

These terms are utilized interchangeably, as the energy and unconditional love is available to us all. Angel guides can go before you and help bring the information through. Be open to not totally understand at first. Spirit speaks in symbols. Sometimes the information doesn’t make sense at first, but it can make sense as time passes.


How do I connect with my spirit guides?


I will be provide a blog on this information. You want to spend time in meditation and ask for these guides to reveal themselves. They come from a place of unconditional love and are there to protect you. Make sure that they are from the light and ask them. It is important to have good boundaries. If it feels like a lower level energy, then send them away. Just like you don’t want some people on this earth in your life, you can set a boundary with spirit and not allow them to intrude in your space. I will be blogging about the importance of good boundaries and how this helps you in your spiritual development.

How do I prepare for my reading?


For in-person appointments, please arrive a few minutes early for your appointment time. For phone appointments, please make sure to arrange a half hour of time to relax before your appointment. This would be a good time to sit in stillness, meditate, pray or recite prayers. Being relaxed helps to improve the energy and allows for a more productive reading.

Are you able to do telephone readings?


Telephone sessions work in the same way as in-person readings and are equally effective. It is about the connection with spirit, and can be accomplished even with the vibration of your voice.

What do I feel during and after the reading?


Please allow for time before, during and after your reading to process the experience. While medium and life path readings are a wonderful opportunity, it can also be emotional as well as soul intensive. Uninterrupted time after you session will allow you to work through what has been discussed. It is encouraged to take notes.

What if I am a skeptic?


Keep an Open Mind and open heart. Healthy skepticism is welcome during our consultation. I expect you to want validation for what you are hearing. The more open you are to the possibilities, the more positive the energetic connection which usually provides a more detailed reading. Negative energy such as challenging or testing can disrupt the reading and cause communication to become unclear. Negative energy is heavier and weighs down the connection between the spirits and myself. In rare instances, I might recommend that we end the reading. If this is the case, there will be no charge.

Will I understand everything given in the reading?


Expect to hear information that you may not understand right away. You may even want a pen and paper to write as much down as you can so you can consider the information after our appointment or even check with other family members. It’s exciting for you and me to receive validation for information that you yourself didn’t know and even couldn’t have known during our meeting. I trust everything that Spirit is giving to me but even I don’t always know why certain information is being shared. I do my best to relate to you what I am seeing, hearing, and feeling based on my ability to interpret a high volume of rapid intuitive information in a relatively short period of time. Listen and Try not to Control: Please try to listen to the information as it is presented. During a reading, lots of information is offered in a short amount of time. You will be amazed how the time passes. It is helpful to understand that the spirit realms have their own ideas of what is most important. This may result in you hearing what they think is necessary and not what you may want to hear. Ready made questions and continual asking of questions during reads are discouraged. If questions arise during the read, write them down and save them until the end. I have found that those who are open without preconceived expectations are often spiritually grateful for the information received, and have very few, if any, questions at the end.. Place intentions beforehand: Besides making the appointment and being open to receiving a message, this is the single most important thing you can do to help ensure the best connection possible. Placing consistent intentions before your reading as far in advance as possible can assist in contacting a crossed over loved one. Guides and helpers are automatically part of a life path reading and placing advanced intentions is not necessary. Placing an intention is like making a thoughtful, grateful request in the form of a prayer or a silent meditation to those you wish to contact. Intentions are thought forms which carry their own vibrational communication and can be received by God, guides, angels and even loved ones who have passed. By placing intentions in advance, is it like giving them a personal invitation ahead of time to join us for the reading. Please understand that no ethical medium can guarantee a specific person to respond to the invitation. Free will works on Earth as it does for those that have passed. We do not always understand why some choose to visit and others do not.

Be Open to Anyone: that comes through, not just who you are wishing to connect with during your read. If you have a medium read, please be open to anyone who wishes to connect to you, such as unknown relatives, deceased lovers, neighbors and even pets. It is helpful to know information about your family history on both parent’s side of the family and even your spouse’s family, whether you are still married or not. Information such as personality, what they did for a living, how they died etc. can help you to validate your reading. During life path readings, guides and other higher beings can be available to you. Being open to who they are and how they present themselves is also important. It can be difficult to remember everything given the emotional content and the volume of information being introduced. Writing down facts may assist in recalling them later to yourself and family members.

Seek Assistance: A reading can bring up grief issues or open up other emotional issues for which you may not be prepared. I request that medium reads be scheduled no sooner than 6 months after a person has passed. I cannot replace the benefit of working with a grief counselor, therapist or medical doctor. Please seek further assistance where necessary. I have a network of counselors where I can make a referral upon request.

What is spiritual healing?


Spiritual healing is when a healer, like a medium, will become a vessel and be utilized for healing. Same principles apply: being open and receptive, asking spirit to provide and give permission to administer healing.

What is Grounding and Clearing?


When we are in public or we are interacting with people, our energy can be drained as we give of ourselves. Sometimes we feel extremely drained for no reason. It is important that you ground yourself with the earth and accept the energy to revitalize our bodies. As we interact, we can leave pieces of energy, and it is important to retrieve it. Spend time in meditation retrieving your energy, and clearing the negative energy to revitalize. I will provide articles in my blog to provide additional exercises.

Angel and Tarot cards: Why are these used, and the purpose?


Angel and Tarot cards can be utilized to either validate the information coming from spirit or be utilized as a focal point for the reading. With your energy, the information is laid out before the reader and it is important that the reader interprets what is presented to help you. These cards and interpretation is based upon the sensing and connection with you and spirit to deliver the right life path reading with accuracy.

Is mediumship aligned with the bible and the christian religion?


Mediumship is considered one of the gifts of the spirit. All through the bible you can see gifts where spirit has intervened on behalf of God. Jesus is an ascended master teacher. I encourage everyone to receive the teachings of the bible to receive a solid foundation. Jesus provided unconditional love and sought wise counsel by spending much time in prayer. To understand the bible, you must know there were multiple authors of this wonderful book over centuries, and not written by God. These words are inspired by God, but have multiple opinions of the author writing a given book. The church put these books together in support of their goal at the time, which was to make the church the ultimate authority, which is now known as the bible. Please consider meditation and critical thinking when you reading the bible and the context behind the verbiage used. Scholars have studied the mystery of the bible for centuries. Explore your own heart and know that God/Divine Spirit comes from a place of unconditional love. Spend time communing with your source for guidance and inspiration. Realize Jesus came to spread the good news. The good news is you are able to form your own personal relationship with Spirit. I would recommend spending your time reading the Sermon on the Mount, the Beattitudes, in Matthew 5:1-12, and Romans 8, looking specifically at Romans 8:6, and meditate on these words. Also, meditate on the gifts of the spirit on 1Chorinthians 12:1-11. Below is an except from Matthew Henry’s commentary, which is linked to the Bible Hub published commentary. I would ague with his commentary, that all of these gifts are not just bestowed in the first ages, but are alive and well today. I have witnessed tremendous healing of the sick and salvation and restoration of one’s soul due to spiritual work and gifts:

what is Mathew Henry’s Commentary


12:1-11 Spiritual gifts were extraordinary powers bestowed in the first ages, to convince unbelievers, and to spread the gospel. Gifts and graces greatly differ. Both were freely given of God. But where grace is given, it is for the salvation of those who have it. Gifts are for the advantage and salvation of others; and there may be great gifts where there is no grace. The extraordinary gifts of the Holy Spirit were chiefly exercised in the public assemblies, where the Corinthians seem to have made displays of them, wanting in the spirit of piety, and of Christian love. While heathens, they had not been influenced by the Spirit of Christ. No man can call Christ Lord, with believing dependence upon him, unless that faith is wrought by the Holy Ghost. No man could believe with his heart, or prove by a miracle, that Jesus was Christ, unless by the Holy Ghost. There are various gifts, and various offices to perform, but all proceed from one God, one Lord, one Spirit; that is, from the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, the origin of all spiritual blessings. No man has them merely for himself. The more he profits others, the more will they turn to his own account. The gifts mentioned appear to mean exact understanding, and uttering the doctrines of the Christian religion; the knowledge of mysteries, and skill to give advice and counsel. Also the gift of healing the sick, the working of miracles, and to explain Scripture by a peculiar gift of the Spirit, and ability to speak and interpret languages. If we have any knowledge of the truth, or any power to make it known, we must give all the glory of God. The greater the gifts are, the more the possessor is exposed to temptations, and the larger is the measure of grace needed to keep him humble and spiritual; and he will meet with more painful experiences and humbling dispensations. We have little cause to glory in any gifts bestowed on us, or to despise those who have them not.

Will God be ok with me seeking this guidance?


He is ok with you seeking guidance, and for you to use discernment to determine whether this guidance is aligned with spiritual law. Many counselors give opinion where it is not coming from God. This is why I also encourage you to establish your own relationship with God. Through prayer and meditation, all answers are provided by the divine. However, there are times when we are too close to a situation emotionally. Therefore, we might seek out guidance to validate what we are receiving. Spirit will be consistent with their message to you.  

Are we all born with these gifts?

After teaching 100s of students on the natural pathway to mediumship, and helping them develop their own spirit language with great success, This is something we are all born with and it exists within us naturally. I want everyone to know that they are psychic and we are all born with this naturally. The key to all of this is understanding your own spiritual language and how spirit speaks to you directly. It is like learning a foreign language but easier, as spirit speaks in pictures, sensing, feeling, and using your body as a barometer. Once you learn these subtle queues, you are able to listen and hear clearly divine guidance.


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