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In Loving Honor of my Aunt, Reverend Anne Gehman, who had the courage to become a Psychic Medium/Spiritual Counselor, Clairvoyant, and dedicate her life to advancement of Spiritualism, as a science and a religion, and to go through rigorous training and devotion to fulfill her divine and life purpose.

In my own words...

In Honor of Anne Gehman

As a medium for more than 40 years at Lily Dale Assembly and internationally known for her accuracy, It is because of her, that I have the ability to do this work and carry her legacy forth. I dedicate this page in her honor for all the wonderful work she has done to serve humanity with a pure heart.” Over Sixty years of service (yes 60), and endless credits to her name. From forming Churches, and several US spiritual enlightenment centers, as well as work featured in countless documentaries, she facilitated the study and science of Quantum Physics and Parapsychology. She participated in scientific studies of Parapsychology at Duke and Rollins College. She is a minister, teacher, counselor and healer; countless people have received messages and healing. We give thanks for your work and honor your dedication to the truth of spirit and the continuity of life. We are grateful for all you have done to advance the science and the awareness of spirit and the continuation of life after this earth plane. WE LOVE YOU! I am grateful for your mentor-ship, and all of our time together on this earthly plane.” I am so grateful for my cousin Rhonda and the Gehman/Paul family who guided me on this earth and in spirit. I write this with loving and earnest heartfelt gratitude, and feel there are not enough words or gratitude to express your dedication to spirit. Your graciousness and trusting nature is a living example we all strive to emulate, as you showed us grace, dignity, dedication and professionalism above reproach.

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