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The Heartfelt Medium

Even as a child, Rachelle Gehman realized she naturally was a psychic medium. But the real revelation came when she understood that mediumship is natural for all of us. The Heartfelt Medium: Guide to Developing Your Mediumship Naturally is a how-to guide to how Spirit speaks to us and how to develop our own spiritual language with Spirit. The Heartfelt Medium demystifies psychic mediumship and empowers readers to establish their own relationship with Spirit, while learning their own unique spiritual language.

Many mediums position themselves as gurus in the eyes of their clients, claiming to be inaccessibly gifted. But we all have this ability to connect and receive information. And the more mediums we have, the better, as we can reach all of humanity for healing, upliftment, guidance, and reassurance.

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“I am eternally grateful! I feel I am not going to adequately communicate in a testimonial what it meant to me but I will try! Rachelle recently did a reading for me where she raised very specific points that were right on target. No one would have known these things without my loved ones’ spirits communicating through / to her. “My husband – who was a complete non-believer before my reading – now wants to schedule his own reading with Rachelle! I think that says it all. Thank you again, Rachelle, for my reading! You are truly a gifted human being and one with an incredible heart!”

-KKT, Philadelphia, PA

"I am eternally grateful!"

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