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“I wasn’t sure what to expect with my first consultation with Rachelle but I quickly discovered that she was in tune with me and she talked about my family and personal things that she couldn’t have known about. That helped me understand different things in my past and my present. We meditated after my reading and I truly felt at peace. I absolutely recommend Rachelle for your reading or healing needs.”

Linda, Michigan

"I truly felt at peace"

“Possibly you are new to this type of experience as I was. In my case, I wanted to connect with a loved one that passed away suddenly and I was struggling through the stages of grieving. Rachelle allowed me to connect with my loved one, which empowered me to move from feeling stuck to a feeling of peace, encouraging forward steps in a healthy way. Rachelle truly has a gift of mediumship and I recommend her if you are seeking comfort and hope in your healing process.”

Carole M., Michigan

"a gift of mediumship"

“Rachelle has amazing energy! She gave me comfort and love. I look forward to healing with her.”

Marta F., Michigan

"gave me comfort and love"

“What an amazing gift I received! Rachelle was able to connect with both of my deceased parents and it was such a blessing to feel their presence! I have great comfort in knowing they are with me in spirit.”


Linda H., Saline, Michigan

"what an amazing gift"

“I heard from my daughter that had passed away suddenly. I have struggled with her passing for a few years, working to make sense of this. Rachelle shared details that only I could have known. With her guidance and resources, she provided tremendous comfort and healing through the message I received.”



"provided tremendous comfort and healing"

Rachelle provided me with my very first reading and it was absolutely AMAZING! Not only did she offer guidance with my future career goals but she was able to connect with my father-in-law. The clarity and content was completely accurate and validated things for our family.”


Lynn, Wisconsin

"clarity and content was completely accurate"

Rachelle gave me a reading and it was extremely accurate. I hadn’t received an in-depth reading in a long time. She is truly gifted.


A. H. - Indiana

"truly gifted"

I am so glad I spent time with Rachelle and received the message from my family members that have crossed over. The guidance provided was invaluable.


S. W. Florida

"guidance provided was invaluable"

Rachelle has such a gift! My husband and I were struggling getting pregnant for over 2 years. The doctors could find nothing wrong with neither him nor I and we had tried a lot of alternative medicines in the process. I was introduced to Rachelle by chance and decided I would set up an appointment with her to get some guidance. After just 15 minutes into our session she gave me an answer to my question- I would definitely get pregnant! Six weeks later I was pregnant with my beautiful son! She was confident that it would happen and it gave me reassurance. I also met with Rachelle again to help with the transition into a new work environment. She was so helpful, a definite blessing in my life when I was worrying and needed support.


"a blessing in my life when I needed support"

J. A., Michigan