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Rachelle is currently booking several speaking engagements a year on many topics to expand the awareness of universal consciousness, meditation, and how to develop your mediumship naturally. She also provides workshops on the same topics. With universal and spiritual law, she explains it in a way that it is easy for everyone to understand, so you can start building a solid foundation to your own spiritual practice.  

Rachelle Gehman is a Spiritualist Medium, Teacher, and healing advisor. She has gained international attention for her help in connecting family members with their loved ones in spirit, and helping provide healing, upliftment, reassurance and guidance. 

Rachelle is passionate about how to de-mystify psychic mediumship and empower people to establish their own relationship and connection with spirit.  

In her workshops and speaking events, Rachelle empowers you to establish your own relationship with spirit, while learning your own unique spiritual language. She provides wonderful guidance on how to connect with spirit, empowering everyone to develop their own natural gifts.

Every Person Is a Natural Medium

“I am eternally grateful! I feel I am not going to adequately communicate in a testimonial what it meant to me but I will try! Rachelle recently did a reading for me where she raised very specific points that were right on target. No one would have known these things without my loved ones’ spirits communicating through / to her. “My husband – who was a complete non-believer before my reading – now wants to schedule his own reading with Rachelle! I think that says it all. Thank you again, Rachelle, for my reading! You are truly a gifted human being and one with an incredible heart!”

-KKT, Philadelphia, PA

"I am eternally grateful!"

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