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I'm Rachelle Gehman, a Spiritualist Medium, Teacher, and Certified Master Healer. I'm on a mission to expand awareness of universal consciousness, meditation, and the natural development of mediumship. I offer several speaking engagements and workshops each year to help you build a solid foundation for your spiritual practice.

My approach is all about making universal and spiritual law easy to understand for everyone. I want you to start your spiritual journey with confidence. Whether it's connecting with your loved ones in spirit, seeking healing and guidance, or simply demystifying psychic mediumship, I'm here to empower you.

In my workshops and speaking events, I'll guide you in establishing your unique relationship with spirit and developing your own spiritual language. Together, we'll uncover the hidden potential within you, so you can embrace your natural gifts. Let's embark on this enlightening journey together.

Every Person Is a Natural Medium

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Spiritual healing will naturally flow where the body needs it to positively affect the energetic systems that may be out of balance. Rachelle will provide additional education and information for the continuation of healing after the session and beyond.

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1 session- $60

spiritual Healing

Grief recovery not a speedy process. This session is intended to educate you on what you can do for self care, spiritual guidance for comfort, and provide tools to lighten the burden, while coping and healing from the loss. Grief support groups will be formed to provide loving support. Recommended: 5 sessions.

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1 session- $40

grief counseling

While your guests visit and enjoy each other's company, I give a 20-30 minute private Psychic/Medium Reading to each person in a quiet room or setting, removed from the rest of the gathering. Your guests can have one reading or more, depending on the package that you purchase. Approximately 2 hours in duration. (If you have less than 6 people, please contact me)

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$60 per person- minimum 6 people,
host receives free reading

in-home guest parties


This is the same as a Traditional Psychic Party, however, some hosts choose not to have all of their guests arrive at the same time. In this case, the host will schedule the time of each guest’s reading and have them arrive at that time, have their reading and then stay or leave, according to their own schedule. This allows for many guests over the course of a day. For guests who only have an hour to spare out of their busy schedule. An Open House Psychic Party is usually booked for a 1/2 or whole day/evening.

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$60 per person- minimum 6 people,
host receives free reading

in-home guest parties


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Not only did she offer guidance with my future career goals but she was able to connect with my father-in-law. The clarity and content was completely accurate and validated things for our family.”

-lynne, wisconsin

"Rachelle provided me with my very first reading and it was absolutely AMAZING! 

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