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Rachelle Gehman is a gifted clairvoyant psychic medium who has honed her abilities throughout her life. She is an active member in the psychic medium community, and teaches classes on various topics, including mediumship, meditation, universal consciousness to simplify and accelerate the learning of these disciplines. 

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Rachelle has worked as a psychic medium for over 10 years, and still sees clients regularly. As a niece of the world-renowned psychic medium Reverend Anne Gehman, Rachelle was mentored by her aunt at a young age to utilize her gifts naturally. Before moving fully into her gift of mediumship, Rachelle spent over 30 years in business development, helping clients with custom services, strategies, and solutions to bring new concepts to market.

Rachelle works with business clients to impact change by guiding business professionals to consider adding spiritual principles to their every day life. 

Rachelle strives to remain humble and honored, with the highest ethics, to serve everyone seeking spirit guidance and wisdom. Through her work, she shares her life experiences and insights to help others, to open their hearts, and gain their own connection with spirit. Through honesty, integrity, and unconditional love, it is Rachelle’s hope to augment your path toward healing and finding peace and true joy.

In her workshops and speaking events, Rachelle empowers you to establish your own relationship with spirit, while learning your own unique spiritual language. She provides wonderful guidance on how to connect with spirit, empowering everyone to develop their own natural gifts.

The Heartfelt Medium de-mystifies psychic mediumship and will empower you to establish your own relationship with spirit, while learning your own unique spiritual language.  


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As a clairvoyant, Rachelle can see and communicate with loved ones that have crossed over. Rachelle will use her gifts to connect with a particular loved-one or she will speak with whoever is around you. They come through with evidence and the essence of their being, as well as guidance, upliftment, reassurance, and healing.

A psychic reading will give you information about situations or events happening in your life and insight and guidance. You will receive evidence and clarity around situations in your life, and get helpful information and advice to manage your journey. Readings usually presents evidence to validate the information is coming from Spirit and then guidance is presented after the evidence. Spirit that comes through during the session and will bring the right information that is needed to guide you on your life journey. 

Many times guides or your loved ones in spirit come through as well, and provide evidence of their presence and give you messages from them as well. Please come with questions. Rest assured, a message from spirit to guide you on your life path will be given.

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“Rachelle has amazing energy! She gave me comfort and love. I look forward to healing with her.”

-Marta F., Michigan

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